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Message Details

Date Sent:      March 09, 2010
Subject:           (Almost) Forced To Hike
From:               John Bondon
For those of you who recently joined the group but haven't yet met me, you may be wondering, who is this guy who runs a hiking website, sends out these weekly emails, yet never shows up to hike?? If you've ever had that thought, you're not alone. He (me!) has too!

It is true that over the last couple of years my hiking routine has been less routine and more sporatic. The usual life excuses always seeming to conflict -- family, work, friends, travel, etc. And oh yes, shear laziness, too! But occasionally I would lead a hike, which is my way to force myself back out on the trails. I figure if I commit to actually leading a hike, then I HAVE to show up, right?

Well, the latest hike I was planning to lead I later had to cancel due to a potential work conflict for the weekend of April 10th. So you'll notice a hike posted that is already showing CANCELED. If my work plans change and I am available to actually hike that weekend, I'll repost it and let you know here. But if not, I'll be seeking a new weekend free of other comittments that I will actually be able to get back out hiking!

Happy Trails,


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