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Message Details

Date Sent:      September 20, 2004
Subject:           New Saturday Hike & Travel Gear Request
From:               John Bondon
Hi All,

A couple of newsworthy items to report.

First and foremost, Brian has recovered from his shark bite wounds (or was it a bear attack?) and has offered to fearlessly lead you up to Mount Olympia, located on the north eastern side of Mount Diablo State Park, this Saturday, September 25, 2004 at 9:00 AM.

As you may recall, this was the hike he had planned to lead last month but had to cancel due to an injury. Well, Brian is back and ready to trek up that hill, so who's with him? Use the RSVP link contained in this email to let him know whether you plan to join him.

Mount Olympia is truely a spectacular spot, with a 270 degree view from atop a 2900 ft vantage point. No other site in the east bay (except maybe the Summit of Mount Diablo itself) can beat it! This is not a hike for beginners, however. The last half mile is extremely steep, and winds at the top can chill your body temperature down rather quickly even on a hot day, so bring lots of water (at least 2 Liters) and a warm sweather or jacket. Food or snack is highly recommended as well!

Lastly, I received a phone call from a local television producer for the Travel Channel's "Travel Gear" show. She is seeking a few people to help model some outfits and related gear for an episode about hiking. Basically you will be provided with the gear, and a short script of what to say, so prior knowledge of how to use the gear not really necessary. Here's her email to me with all the info:

As you know this is for a show called Travel Gear that airs on the Travel Channel every Saturday at 2pm Pac Time. I am working on a segment based on walking, hiking and trekking. I'm looking for a group of people interested and willing to participate in an upcoming shoot either Monday, September 27th or Wednesday the 29th. (If the weekends are too difficult for people then we MAY switch it to the following weekend, the first weekend in October, but I'd prefer to shoot on Monday or Wednesday). The participants will be showing off a variety of walking/hiking gear such as the latest shoes, clothing, hydration devices, GPS systems, watches, etc. It will be a one day shoot...and no pay, just FUN and international exposure for these folks. Thanks for your help, looking forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in participating in this photo shoot, let me know (reply to this email), and let me know your preference for day (Monday, Wednesday, or a Weekend).

As always, if anyone else is interested in leading some future hikes, let me know that as well!

Happy Trails! :) John

Happy Trails,


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