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Message Details

Date Sent:      February 09, 2010
Subject:           Thursday Emails become Tuesday Emails
From:               John Bondon
Due to popular demand I have adjusted the timing of when my weekly RSVP email goes out each week to the East Bay Casual Hiking Group membership list.

This email used to arrive in your inbox each Thursday afternoon at approximately 12PM. But over the past few weeks I have received several compliants that my emails are going out too late to alert everyone about the weekday Thursday morning hikes.

So this has been adjusted. Starting this month and until further notice, the Weekly RSVP Email will go out automatically each and every Tuesday afternoon (unless there are no hikes planned) at approximately 3PM.

This means the new deadline for hike leaders to submit their hikes in order to appear in my Tuesday automated email is now Tuesday 11AM. This will provide me with a very short window to get hikes approved prior to that 3PM email firing automatically, but we'll try this schedule and see how it goes.

Hopefully this will solve the issue of better advance notice for a members of upcoming hikes.

Your comments and feedback welcome.

Happy Trails,


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