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Date Sent:      November 26, 2009
Subject:           Happy Turkey Day!
From:               John Bondon
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am a little behind in passing along the hiking report emails so having a day off from my usual routine makes the perfect opportunity to catch up! Today we recap 3 past weekday hikes, starting with 2 reports from Andrew. First his report of the Ringtail Cat to Las Trampas peak hike in Alamo area the morning of Thursday, October 29th.
    This was a very interesting hike. There were but 5 of us, and 2 leashed dogs. We were of comperable ability. When we got to the 3 mile mark, the hikers wanted to go farther. And so we did to the Peak. We snacked, took pics, and rested. On our way back is when it got interesting. Shortly after the Peak, there was a trail that led into Land Bank country. A hundred yards away on that trail was a coyote, barking at us. He was trying to lure the leashed dogs to play with him and his friends that I could see behind him. I know this game. If the dogs weren't leashed, they were lunch. I saw it with my own eyes. Lesson learned. Shortly afterwards we come to the trail junction that takes you to Alamo. Susane was familiar with the trail and led us the rest of the way. I welcome people to hijack my hikes. It's a really nice trail and empties into a gated community that is awesome. We wound up doing about 8.5 miles, and nobody cared. What a day. We have made many friends in this group, and their friendship is very much appreciated.
And of his November 5th Elderberry Trail (Las Trampas) hike, Andrew says:
    We had 9 hikers and 4 dogs on a pretty nice day in Las Trampas. It was breezy at the top of the Ridge, but a lot of the trail is just below the Ridgetop so we were protected. I have never met a dog that didn't like this park. We were confronted by a cow at the start of the hike. Probably some babies in the trees. We got past it. The dogs weren't interested in the cow.
Howard reports of his Sept 22 Shell Ridge - Livorna hike
    There were 7 hikers for our Thursday morning hike to Borges Ranch. Another excellent day for hiking with warm, sunny weather after the early morning fog. An added benefit was viewing the greening of the hills, thanks to the early rains.

Happy Trails,


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