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Message Details

Date Sent:      September 07, 2004
Subject:           300 Members strong
From:               John Bondon
Hello All, Hope you have a Spectacular Holiday weekend! We have reached a new milestone together. The East Bay Casual Hiking Group is now now over 300 members strong, and still growing! At least, that's how many people this email is going out to. We typically only have about 10% of that number (20-30) actually show up for hikes. Interestingly, I don't think we've ever exceeded that 10% figure .. go figure.

I am skipping a weekday hike this week, as I will be tied up with work obligations. This Sunday may mark one of my last opportunities to lead a weekend hike for awhile, as my time will be devoted to USTA tennis for the next few months.

This Sunday I would like to try the Las Trampas to Mount Diablo Trail, but starting from Hap Magee Ranch Park. You'll find all the info about it, including directions, on my hiking website at

I hope to keep the weekday hiking routine going until the end of the month (when we lose daylight), but may run into additional work conflicts later this month, so we'll have to play that one by ear.

If anyone else is interested in leading some hikes, whether a weekday or a weekend, please let me know.

Hope to see you Sunday! Happy Trails!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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