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Date Sent:      October 08, 2009
Subject:           Hot or cool - is good weather for hiking!
From:               John Bondon
Howard reports of the September 13th Lafayette Reservoir hike:
    There were 15 hikers for our Sunday morning Lafayette Reservoir hike. The weather was excellent for this approximately 6 1/2 mile rim trail hike, cool and partly cloudy. All of the hikers finished this fairly difficult hike in a timely manner. An excellent cardio-vascular workout that was enjoyed by all.

Andrew reports of the September 27th Shell Ridge (Howe Homestead Park) hike:
    We had 20 hikers and several dogs on a day that would soon turn hot. Two of the dogs had difficulty with the heat but we worked out a way to rescue them. We drove back to Borges to pick them up. It worked. No hiker left behind no matter how many legs you have.

And finally, Howard reports of yesterday's (Sept 30th) weekday hike:
    There were 7 hikers and 5 dogs on our Shell Ridge, Wiget Lane hike. We welcomed Autumn's excellent outdoor weather and enjoyed encountering 3 deer on our return from Borges Ranch. A very nice midweek outing.

Happy Trails,


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