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Date Sent:      August 31, 2004
Subject:           Lafayette Reservoir Hike this week
From:               John Bondon
Last Sunday's hike at Las Trampas was a fun one! At last count we had 21 people (plus 1 dog) turnout for the hike. Was a steep start climbing to the ridge, but pretty much smooth sailing after that, and a nice breeze atop to keep us cool. Some of us even met for lunch at Erik's afterward. Thanks to all who came out. :)

This Thursday, join me after work for a hike along the Lafayette Reservoir Rim Trail. We'll hike it in reverse from the way we did it last time. We'll ascend by the new playground and wind around finishing by the old playground. If it gets dark or we run out of time, we'll descend back down early and complete our loop by way of the paved trail. Expect some steep terrain at times, but generally another "moderate" hike. If your goal is to get in shape, whether that means losing weight, or building endurance, THIS is the hike for you! The Rim Trail offers one of the BEST cardio workouts in the area!

Meet at the flag pole by the main toll gate entrance to the parking lot. We'll depart at 6:30pm sharp from the parking lot, so if you are running late, start by way of the paved trail at the south east end of the parking lot until you reach the new playground area. Then take the dirt trail to the left. At the top of the hill turn right, and watch for the rest of the group!

See you Thursday!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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