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Date Sent:      April 24, 2009
Subject:           Inspiration Point for the Uninitiated
From:               John Bondon

photos courtesy of Peggi photos courtesy of Peggi Andrew reports of last Sunday's Mitchell Canyon to Juniper Flat hike:

    We had 11 hikers for an 11 mile hike. We all made it to Deer Flat. Two of us turned back here. The rest went on to Juniper. One girl went on to the summit. We all made it to Juniper. The wildfowers are outstanding. The further up the mountain you go, the better it is. The color is brilliant. You just have to see it. Between the Falls and the flowers, this has been an incredible year on the mountain. I am so happy to be a party to this.

photos courtesy of Peggi photos courtesy of Peggi Diane led the April 5th Briones Reservoir Loop - Clockwise - Oursan Trail hike and filed these comments:

    We had 9 hikers (8 at the trailhead and 1 who caught up to us) on an absolutely fantastic day. We were glad we started out on the Oursan trail because it became pretty warm. Of the 9 hikers, 7 went all the way around the reservoir and 2 turned back but still did about 8-10 miles. All 7 of us finished the hike in 4-4.5 hours. Feedback from those who had never hiked around the reservoir before really enjoyed the experience.

photos courtesy of Peggi photos courtesy of Peggi This weekend is the Nimitz Way (Paved) Trail - Inspiration Point hike on Sunday at 10:30 AM. For those of you new to hiking looking for that easy hike to get started, this is the hike for you! Inspiration Point is one of my favorite spots -- it's a paved trail and relatively flat. There is some elevation gain but compared with most other trails we hike, pretty minimal. We'll hike the full paved trail, up to 4 miles, then turn around and come back the same way, so total of 8 miles round trip (unless you turn back early, so individual mileage may vary). Being a paved trail this hike is also stroller friendly as well. Dogs welcome too. Heavy rain will cancel this hike, otherwise do dress in layers and expect some rather chilly temperatures when we start.

You'll find further information about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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