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Date Sent:      April 03, 2009
Subject:           Saturday's 9AM Hike CANCELLED
From:               John Bondon

For those planning to attend tomorrow's "black diamond #2" hike at 9AM mentioned in my email last Tuesday titled "Three Weekday Hikes on the Horizon", I am sorry to report that it has been CANCELLED. Sunday's 9AM hike and next Wednesday's 9:30AM hike, however, will proceed as planned.

Here's a preview of our remaining upcoming hikes, by the hike leaders themselves:

Diane says of the upcoming Briones Reservoir Loop - Clockwise - Oursan Trail hike on Sunday, April 5 at 9:00 AM: "Affectionately known as Diane's Death March...anyone that has done this hike with me in the past knows that it is physically and mentally challenging. I keep a pretty good pace, so if you aren't a strong hiker, make sure you stay with someone who knows the trail very well.".

MARS says of the upcoming black diamond #2 hike on Wednesday, April 8 at 9:30 AM: " Let us do another midweek of Black Diamond,, this time we will be starting at the weekend location on the eastern side of the park at the entrance of Contra Loma Park on Frederickson lane in Antioch. We will be viewing a different part of the park than what the last Wednesday group saw. Bring water, this is also a dog friendly hike.".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes, including starting time and directions to the trailhead, posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. In the event of rain, please check with the hike leader as to whether the hike will proceed as planned.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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