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Date Sent:      January 30, 2009
Subject:           Bring on the Snacks!
From:               John Bondon
Brian led the Eagle Peak hike a couple Saturdays ago on January 17th. Brian reports 28 hikers showing up on a gorgeous day -- great for hiking! Andrew also participated that day and added these comments as well:
    " We had 20 something hikers on a glorius day. You won't find this anywhere else in the country. We enjoyed watching an owl in the parking lot. I have never seen one before. It was a fun day. "

Andrew led last Sunday's hike to Pleasanton Ridge, on a day that I truly did not think would be conducive to hiking. Nor did I think I would be playing tennis that day either. I fully expected wet pavement, muddy trail conditions, and cold and wet skies. But to my surprise not only did i wake up to sunny skies, the pavement, at least, was completely dry! Not only did I get to play my tennis match, it also turned out to be a great day for hiking, too. Andrew describes what I missed:
    " We started our hike on a cool, sunny day with 21 hikers and at least 4 dogs. Before long, we added at least 6 hikers. I saw at least one dog frolicking in the cattle ponds. They love this park. My son Andrew and his dog Sadie made a cameo appearance at the start. There was a nice mix of familiar faces, new faces and several faces I have not seen in too many months. A very enjoyable hike. "

Andrew leads the upcoming Ringtail Cat to Las Trampas peak hike on Sunday at 10:00 AM: "It is Super Bowl sunday, but if you do one these hikes you can eat unlimited snacks during the game.".

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. In the event of rain, please check with the hike leader as to whether the hike will proceed as planned.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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