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Date Sent:      August 13, 2004
Subject:           Sunday Hike at Redwood Park
From:               John Bondon
As promised, I will be leading a hike this Sunday morning. I have decided to return back to Redwood Park and blaze a new trail... by that I mean, explore a new path, so bear with me! If we get lost consider it just part of the fun! ;)

Redwood Park is situated up in the Oakland Hills, and offers high elevation (which translates into "cooler temperatures") and lots of shade (which translates into "cooler temperatures"). So this is a great summer location for those of you who feel Mount Diablo is too hot to hike this time of year. :)

We will start a little later than usual (10:30AM), considering it should be cooler. Figure about a 2 hour hike. Should be back to the cars by 12:30pm or 1pm.

Hope to see you Sunday! Happy Trails!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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