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Date Sent:      August 10, 2004
Subject:           Weekday Hike Routine Begins!
From:               John Bondon
Sorry for the late notice, but as I mentioned last week, tomorrow I plan to start a weekday hike semi-routine, and you area all welcome to join me! ;)

Let's meet at Castle Rock in Walnut Creek at 6:30pm. Should finish by 8pm. Next week week we'll probably do a Thursday hike instead of Wednesday.

This Sunday I will probably lead a hike again, but haven't finalized my schedule yet, so stay tuned.

Directions for tomorrow's hike should be included at the end of this email (below). Also, today I am attempting to convert to a new RSVP system, but I still have not worked out all the kinks yet, so please bear with me. If you experience any problems or have problems updating your response, please let me know.

Have a GREAT week! and Happy Trails!


Happy Trails,


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