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Date Sent:      October 03, 2008
Subject:           3 weekend hikes - 1 more weekday hike
From:               John Bondon
This week we have more hikes to choose from than I ever remember for a single week. 3 hikes to choose from this weekend, plus one more weekday hiking opportunity next Thursday. 35 hikers walked the Twin Ponds Loop together But first, a report from Andrew regarding last weekend's Twin Ponds Loop hike:
    " At least 35 hikers. I enjoyed meeting Maria and all the newcomers. They like what we do. Casper told me he had a great time and wants to return to Twin Ponds. Special thanks to Mars. We appreciate his experience and ability. "
We had two special guests as well show up for this hike. First and foremost, my mother came out for the first time ever and joined the hike. I started this group 5 years ago modelled after the idea of something she was already doing with her hiking friends. The other special guest was my friend, Robert and his wife, Beril. Robert contributed the professional graphical design that now graces the hiking website. It was Robert's first time hiking with the group as well. Casper had a great time and wants to return to Twin Ponds

Andrew reports of his Wednesday hike:
    " There were only 3 of us but it was wonderful. We enjoyed each others's company. We all got to feed the chickens at Borges Ranch. We loved it. It did get very hot, and we wilted. We did finish OK. "
A Preview of our upcoming hikes, by the hike leader(s):

Evan says of the upcoming Iron Horse Trail - Alamo to Danville (Paved) hike on Saturday, October 4 at 11:00 AM: "Autumn is here and the weather forecast says it might rain this Saturday. So let's celebrate the change of season with an umbrella walk to Danville Farmers Market! Starting time will be 11:00 AM and round trip mileage is 5.5 miles. When we get to the farmers market (2.75 miles), we'll stop for some food and eat in the picnic area by the trail across the street. The Iron Horse Trail is all pavement and completely flat so all you need to bring is your umbrella, water, and something to carry fruits and vegetables with. We should be back around 2 pm. There are restrooms at the farmers' market in Danville and at the Safeway in Alamo. This is not a dog friendly hike.".

Andrew says of the upcoming Moraga Rd to Lower Rim hike on Sunday, October 5 at 9:00 AM: "This is a fun hike. Bring your kids and your dogs (leashed).".

Iqbal says of the upcoming Lafayette Reservoir Rim Trail (Via Granada) hike on Sunday, October 5 at 9:00 AM: "The Lafayette Reservoir is situated in the Lamorinda area. There are two main trails the bottom paved trail and the unpaved upper rim trail. We will be doing the rim trail. The rim trial offers great views of the reservoir and the surrounding hills, has some shady areas but is mostly in the sun. I would call it moderately difficult hike, but has quite a few steep up and down hill areas. There are toilets and drinking water in a couple of places. It should take us close to 2 1/2 hours.".

Andrew says of the upcoming Redwood Regional Park (Skyline Gate) hike on Thursday, October 9 at 10:00 AM: "This is a very casual hike in beautiful surroundings.".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes, including starting time and directions to the trailhead, posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. In the event of rain, please check with the hike leader as to whether the hike will proceed as planned.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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