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Date Sent:      September 19, 2008
Subject:           Borges Ranch (Alamo) this Sunday
From:               John Bondon
Holy cow, Batman! It's Friday!!!!

Geez, just realized I never got an email out this week to let you know about our hike this weekend. But while I'm on the topic of email, let me tell you about my latest backend (ie. "behind the scenes") project for the website. As you've probably already figured out from the inconsistent nature of these weekly emails, sending them out is a very manual process for me. Sometimes I get these out by Wednesday or Thursday as intended. Other times, they are delayed, either because I am waiting for upcoming hikes to be finalized and posted, or I simply have a hectic week and never get a chance to compose 'em. Or, as in the case today, with everything else going on, I simply forget.

Briones Bear Creek hike So the new project is to automate these emails. Yep, you read that right. I want these emails to automatically generate each week on a schedule, with no manual intervention required on my part. So that's the new coding I am doing on the website. I'm hoping to have this new trick completed by the end of the month, but I've already had to scratch my original code and start all over, so we'll see how things go. More on this once it's ready for prime time. :)

Report from Howard's hike last Sunday:
    We had 29 hikers for our Lime Ridge hike. The weather was a little cool at the start, but warmed up shortly afterward to become ideal hiking weather. There were a few new hikers and many longtime members of the EBCHG. Much good conversation among the group and a chance to meet new people. I believe all enjoyed the outing as much as I did.
Howard also led the hike the previous week at Briones Reservoir:
    There were 27 happy hikers for the Briones Reservoir Bear Creek Trail hike Sunday morning. About half did the full 8 miles while the other half avoided the full sunshine portion and turned back before the last half mile. Fortunately, it was somewhat cooler on Sunday and it was very pleasant hiking, especially in the shaded areas. Thanks to Diane and Andrew for their assistance.

Heather and Beverly Regarding Howard's Briones Bear Creek hike the previous weekend, I received this note from member Beverly:
    I enjoyed the Briones Bear Creek hike last week. My daughter Heather was home visiting from San Diego State and she came along with me. We both had a great time. Everyone was so friendly and she felt like one of the group. Here's a couple pictures from the hike to share. One picture you'll see showed a rare tree species :) that has been elusive to most but I was lucky to capture on camera :).
Thanks for the note, and sharing the wonderful pictures! Here's what's coming up this weekend:

Andrew says of the upcoming Livorna Rd trailhead to Borges Ranch hike on Sunday at 9:30 AM: "This should be ideal hiking weather, so please come and enjoy it.".

nice shot of Mars You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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