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Date Sent:      July 29, 2008
Subject:           Past Hikes ReCap - plus - TONIGHT'S Hike CANCELLED -
From:               John Bondon
Tonight's weekday Pleasanton Ridge hike has been CANCELLED.

As I've promised, here's a recap of some of our hikes over the past month:

Diane's Hiking Report for Sunday, 7/27 - King Canyon
    I had 16 hikers on a cool, mist-shrouded hike at King Canyon. 4 hikers didn't get quite enough climbing on the 'big hill' and kept ascending an additional 1/2 mile. Howard was one of them :-) The majority finished the 6.5 miles in about 2 hours. One of the hikers who took the extra detour called me to say she enjoyed the hike -- even with the extra mileage. The difference in the weather from Saturday to Sunday was dramatic...with a temperature difference of about 20 degrees.

Andrew's hike report - Saturday, July 26 - Lime Ridge
    We had 24 hikers on a hot day. And it got hotter. 3 turned back after 1/4 mile. There were 3 other experinced leaders, so Howard and I had plenty of help. The rest of us finished safely. The walkie talkies are so helpful. Lots of new and familiar faces. Nobody parked at the first parking lot. Yeah!

MARS - report for the 13 JULY hike up to diablo
    We had 9 hikers with one planned turn around so 8 of us made it to the summit. I did this hike in celebration of my birthday. It turned out to be a long and hot day. We had smoke at the higher elevations and was felt most definitely by those over 50, tight chest, shortness of breath and burning lungs We took breaks at Deer Flats, juniper, and at the summit for lunch we divided into 2 groups for the descent with one going over eagle ridge and the other using the back creek trails. Took most of us about 6-7 hrs including out breaks

Howard's 7/20 hike - Shell Ridge (Howe Homestead Park)
    Our Howe Homestead Park-Borges Ranch loop hike was enjoyed by 16 hikers. One intrepid hiker continued on to the Mt Diablo summit for some additional exercise. The group was congenial, it was a clear, sunny day with a cooling breeze, and we hiked through a scenic area. What more could a lover of the outdoors ask for?

Eric's July 20th Hike Report - Montara Mountain via San Pedro Valley Park
    We started with 10 brave souls this morning in cold, foggy conditions. Two hikers decided to take their own route and we met up with them back at the parking lot. They said that they had a good hike and stayed a little lower on the mountain to avoid some of the wetter colder weather. The other eight of us went up the Montara Mountain trail with some glimpse through the fog of the Town of Pacifica and the Pacific Ocean. We made it to the top of North Peak in cold and windy weather and did not stay long. We returned on the Montara Mountain Trail, to Brooks Creek Trail. We took Brooks Creek Trail to Old Trout Farm Trail and were rewarded with a trail changing from greener valley into a manzanita grove, into a stand of eucalyptus finishing off listening to the adjacent creek. Not a bad hike considering the less than ideal weather conditions.

Andrew 6/30 Las Trampas hike report
    We had 13 hikers on a beautiful day at Las Trampas. Also one dog. We had two other co leaders, Judith and Diane. All sun and no wind. It was great. 4 of the 13 hikers were leaders but we still managed to temporarily lose a hiker because we get spread out so much. At the descent of Elderberry, instead of waiting at that trail junction, the hiker made a decision. Wrong. I met up with her on Bollinger as I was leaving. She was OK. Special thanks to Howard for staying with 2 slow hikers. He finished an hour behind us. I finished first, Judith and Diane were mid pack and Howard was the sweeper. Nobody was with her to see the wrong turn. That being said, the hike was still fun.

Andrew's 6/22 Nimitz Way (Paved) Trail - Inspiration Point hike
    We had 28 hikers and 2 dogs on a beautiful, cool, breezy day. Howard, Mars, and I led the hikers and we had Diane in reserve. Of course, Alice and Diane thought it was a race. They finished almost an hour before everybody else. And that's OK. Lots of new faces and compliments. I like that. This hike really is one of my favorites.

Next time a recap of our Kings Canyon away hiking/camping trip last month... To view more pictures provided by Mars from Andrew's Nimitz Way hike, visit: . To view more pictures from Mars' Mount Diablo hike, visit: . And now a preview of our upcoming hikes, by the hike leader(s):

Andrew says of the upcoming Briones Reservoir Overlook hike hike on Saturday, August 2 at 9:00 AM: "I know the perfect spot for a slice of pizza on the way back to 24.".

Andrew says of the upcoming Moraga to Las Trampas hike on Sunday, August 3 at 9:00 AM: "This hike is for the adventurous hikers. I need your EBMUD hiking permits.".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes, including starting time and directions to the trailhead, posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Until then ... Happy Trails!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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