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Date Sent:      May 23, 2008
Subject:           2 Hikes for the 3 Day Holiday Weekend
From:               John Bondon

We had about a dozen hikers for last Sunday's trek across the Ygnacio Valley Road Overcrossing hiking the Iron Horse Trail. Special thanks to Evan for continuing the hike into Danville after I had to leave.

Diane reports of her Briones hike that same morning:
    We had 13 hikers who braved the heat and distance. Two probably should not have attempted this hike. Since this was a loop, once they were out 6.5 miles, they pretty much had to stick it out.

    We decided to go clockwise to do the Oursan trail which is full sun early in the day and finish up on the Bear Creek single track trail.

    One hiker who didn't start with us at the Briones Overlook staging area caught up with some of our hikers on the trail. He started at the staging area at Pablo Camino and Bear Creek Road. I never saw him as I was a couple of miles ahead. Finishing times ranged from 4 hours to 6 hours plus.
Andrew further adds:
    When Diane and I got together in the parking lot, we realized we had a missing hiker. The last thing I wanted to do after 13 miles in the heat was to search for a hiker. But we both willingly did it going in different directions. No luck. Fortunately, Howard found him taking a nap on a park bench about a 1/2 mile from the parking lot.
Our Tuesday Mission Peak hike was fun, but unfortunately a bit windy and chilly at the top. So what was intended to be a Full Moon Hike instead turned into a "let's watch the sunset and head back down" hike. Interestingly, while we were coming back down, about a dozen hikers passed us heading up with hot food in hand! They were sticking around for the Full Moon, which wasn't due to come out for another 45 minutes or so. Clearly they were better prepared than I for the elements!

Our fearless photographer, Mars, seems to have a knack for finding rattlesnakes along the trail and snapping their photo up close and personal. Even when they appear a bit camera shy or otherwise uncooperative. :)

You can find more pictures from the Mission Peak hike here:

Pictures from the Briones hikes can be found here:

A Preview of our upcoming hikes, by the hike leader(s):

Andrew says of the upcoming Briones Reservoir to Inspiration Pt. hike on Sunday, May 25 at 9:00 AM: "The climb to the top is difficult, but the rewards make it worthwhile.".

Diane says of the upcoming King Canyon Hike hike on Monday, May 26 at 8:30 AM: "A quick, relatively short (by my standards!) hike to whet your appetite before those Memorial Day BBQs!! Dogs welcome on this hike. Carpool option at Trader Joe's in Concord".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes, including starting time and directions to the trailhead, posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. In the event of rain, please check with the hike leader as to whether the hike will proceed as planned.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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