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Date Sent:      July 26, 2004
Subject:           Hikes for the weekend of August 1st
From:               John Bondon
Thanks to everyone who came out for Sunday's hike. As I mentioned, I will be out of town this weekend, so I will not be available to lead a hike, but two others have stepped up to the plate to offer to lead one!

Connie and Lori have offered to lead a hike on Sunday morning at 9:30am at Los Trampas. This time, meet at the end of the road in the paved parking lot. Directions and contact information is available on the East Bay Casual Hiking web site. Please RSVP via the link provided in this email if you are interested in joining the Los Trampas hike.

Also, Gene is interested in spearheading a North Bay hike to Point Reyes. Information about his proposed hike can be found here: .

Gene is proposing doing this hike Saturday, but is also open to Sunday if the majority would prefer that day instead. If you are interested in the Point Reyes hike, please contact Gene directly. His comments follow:

I thought I'd try to get a few people together for a hike at Point Reyes, in Marin County. There is a 7 mile hike on fairly level terrain, or we could climb up Mt. Whittenberg; a 2 1/2 mile incline hike through a fairly wooded area.

I vote for the 7 mile hike through some wooded area and down to the beach. We can then do a "potluck" and have lunch before heading back. I vote for Saturday, but we could do Sunday but let's see what works for the majority.

Email me at: [email protected] or call me at 925-787-9734 if you are interested. I need to know by Wednesday. I will be out of town on business but will confirm by email to those who reply if we are on or not.

I should also mention that if you aren't doing anything Sunday, August 8th, plan to join us for the longest hike we have ever attempted in this group, as Brian will lead us up to Mount Olympia!

If you are interested in leading a hike or two, or have an idea for some new trails for the group to check out, don't be shy!

Have a GREAT WEEK, All! and Happy Trails!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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