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Date Sent:      April 28, 2004
Subject:           Sunday WaterFall Hike -- TIME CHANGE!
From:               John Bondon
Hi All,

Last Sunday's hike off Ygnacio Valley Road was very nice. It was my first time along the new Lime Ridge area, so was more of a "exploratory" hike. Lots of beautiful views of the area, and many many trails to explore. We will definately go back and try another one sometime soon!

This Sunday is the WaterFall hike. April is typically the best time to do this hike, as the rainy season obviously promotes some great waterfall views! I did this hike about a month ago spur of the moment with a friend and it was great! Unfortunately, the rest of the month I was either too busy or out of town to repeat it. :(

The weather has made a sudden and drastic change that is expected to last awhile. All of a sudden we went from spring to feeling more like summer! So not sure if we're gonna get the spectacular waterfall views of a month ago. But it's a fun hike all the same. :)

Due to the high temperatures expected for this Sunday, please note I have CHANGED the start time for our hike from 10AM to 9AM. That means we should finish around Noon, before we hit the high temperature for the day (expected between 2 and 4PM).

The WaterFall hike is what I consider an "advanced" hike. There will be a lot of hill climbing and some areas that are pretty steep, so if you have a fear of heights, I would not recommend this hike. There are a few "narrow" spots, and I know that makes some people uncomfortable. And even though it will be a hot day, the good news is there will be areas of shade. :)

Additional details about this trail, including directions to our meeting place, can be found on the website here:

I plan to print directions for everyone for how to get to the WaterFall Trail, as I am sure some people will want to hike this faster than others. I will hand these out to anyone interested when we meet. We will not actually be hiking to the waterfalls themselves (unless you want to), as that involves additional traversing down some very steep terrain. Please bring extra water for yourself, and sun protection is HIGHLY encouraged!

Please RSVP whether you intend to join me by either clicking on or copying and pasting the URL link below into your browser.

Hope to see you Sunday --- at 9AM!
:) John

Happy Trails,


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