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Date Sent:      July 22, 2004
Subject:           Sunday Hike in Concord
From:               John Bondon
Last Sunday's hike was another fun one. I was mistaken as to where the trail went, and we learned along the way that the gate I thought was locked, wasn't, and was actually the route I had taken a previous time! Oh, well. Instead, we blazed a new trail to the south and discovered a new route in the process! All in all about 2 hours round trip, and despite the initial steepness, overall a fairly moderate hike. I highly recommend Remington to anyone who is looking for a good workout and isn't afraid of working up a sweat. :)

This Sunday we will return to Lime Ridge -- the one off Ygnacio Valley Road, that is. Refer to the website for directions. This is another location that is new to me with numerous trails to explore, so we'll pick a new route from last time to explore this Sunday as well.

I will be out of town the weekend of August 1st, so the next planned hike after this Sunday will be August 8th, by our fearless leader, Brian.

If anyone else would like to lead some hikes, or you've got a few new trails in mind you would like to explore with the group, let me know!

Happy Trails!

Happy Trails,


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