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Date Sent:      October 18, 2007
Subject:           Return to Briones Reservoir Overlook!
From:               John Bondon
Welcome to all our new members who have joined us in the past few weeks! We are now up to 1492 official members.

About a week ago, Andrew and Howard led a weekday hike in Walnut Creek. And even though it started just down the street from where I work, I had to miss it. That dirty 4-letter word keeps getting in the way of my preferred 3-letter word - FUN! At that's what it sounded like I missed, as Andrew reports of the October 10th hike:
    We had 6 hikers on another beautiful post rainy day. I did not check my rain gauge in the AM. I should have. 1/2" of rain last night in Pleasanton. Yes the trails from Borges to Briones/ Mt. D. were muddy. We had fun! If we have the expected rain on friday, the trails will be worse. A second pair of shoes works. The highlight of the day was the flying termites along Pine Creek. Hope I didn't bring any home.

Last Sunday, Diane fearlessly led our clan at Briones Overlook. Both she and Andrew filed reports from the field. First, Diane's report:
    On Sunday, we had 19 hikers (we started with 16 and 3 eventually caught up to us) on the Bear Creek Trail. We had a lot of new hikers, but we also had some seasoned EBCHG hikers. When we first started, the reservoir was shrouded in fog. However, within the first mile or two, it burned off to produce an absolutely beautiful day. The trees were in full fall glory.

    Since not all 19 hikers wanted to go beyond the advertised 6.5 miles, Andrew lead those who wanted to go an extra mile to the next staging area along the Bear Creek Trail. Will and I lead the 5-6 others back to the Briones Reservoir Overlook staging area.

    The feedback that we heard was that it was a great hike and well enjoyed.

And now Andrew's report:
    Diane leads another terrific hike. We started in the fog with 16 hikers. Soon became brilliant sunshine. 3 latecomers caught up to us at the turnaround point (gate). Some of us wanted to go further so we split into 2 groups. I led a group of 10 hikers to the Bear Creek staging area. Diane led the remaining 9 back to Briones Overlook. I would like to build on Diane's great EBMUD hikes by submitting a different hike from Briones Overlook for this sunday. This dog friendly hike will go clockwise from the Overlook on the Oursan Trail to the Hampton Trail gate and back. 8 miles total.

So, yes, this Sunday are go back to the Briones reservoir Overlook! If you missed it last Sunday, you're getting a second chance to explore this beautiful spot!

Andrew says of the upcoming Briones Reservoir Overlook hike hike: "Dogs love this hike because of the stock ponds we pass.".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. In the event of rain, check with the hike leader to determine if the hike is still on.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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