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Date Sent:      July 15, 2004
Subject:           Sunday at Remington
From:               John Bondon
This Sunday we will hike starting from Remington. The starting point is on a residential street and may be easy to miss, so check the website for specific directions.

I had originally posted this as a "loop" hike. Not sure I actually remember how to do the loop, so instead the game plan is to hike to the top of the Ridge and then venture southward toward Los Trampas.

The first part of this hike is the most difficult. For beginner or novice types, it will seem like the steepest dirt trail you've ever experienced, and you might find you only want to go to the first "ridge". That part may well take you 45 minutes to an hour to complete. No matter how difficult, I encourage you to take your time and venture onward until you reach the top. This is a great trail for cardio workouts, whether your goal is to lose weight, or simply get in shape, this is the trail for you!

For the veteran hikers, this first part may slow you down a bit, but I expect you'll reach the very top within 30 - 40 minutes. And we'll continue to the left (south) from there.

We will continue as far as everyone likes, to a maximum distance of reaching Los Trampas (no idea how far that is, sorry). We will return back the same way we ventured out, so we can pick up any stragglers along the return trip.

Bring lots of water along! You may need it! Timewise I expect this route to be 2 - 3 hours round trip, unless we decide to venture all the way to Los Trampas and back.

See you Sunday!

Happy Trails,


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