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Date Sent:      October 09, 2007
Subject:           Tis the Season for the Wet Stuff!
From:               John Bondon
Yep, looks like RAIN is in the forecast this week ... you know what that means! Always check with the hike leader in the event of rain the morning of the hike, just to confirm that the hike will proceed as planned. Unless, of course, it is a "rain or shine" type event. :)

Report from the field from Andrew and Howard's hike last weekend:

    Yes, another beautiful day. Diane led 17 hikers and one dog on a 6.5 mile hike. We had the walkie talkies, and she was very helpful with trail directions. She did our hike after running it on saturday. Amazing! Special thanks to Howard for hanging back with 2 slow hikers. They did not finish until 1.5 hours after we did. That's the service we provide. No hiker left behind.

    I am looking forward to Helene's hike on saturday. Since it is difficult, I do not anticipate hiking on sunday. A perfect opportunity for someone to lead a hike.

Thankfully, Diane has stepped up to the plate to offer a hike for us this weekend. And Andrew and Howard are setting a new tradition by offering yet another weekday hike tomorrow morning, Wednesday, at 10AM in Walnut Creek. Check the website for details.

If you have a hike of your own in mind that you would like to lead, don't be shy, post it on the website! Look for the "Lead A Hike" link on the Upcoming Hikes page on the website. For more information about Leading a Hike, refer to the "Leading Hikes" section of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on the website. Remember this hiking club is only as good as you, the members, help make it. Our hiking leaders are not paid professionals. They are fellow members just like you who volunteer to lead a hike, and then invite the rest of us along by posting those hiking plans on the website. Without them, we would be hiking by ourselves each weekend! So consider taking a turn and leading (or co-leading!) a hike of your own sometime. :)

Here's a quick preview of some of our upcoming hikes, by the hike leaders:

Andrew says of the upcoming Borges Ranch hike: "Please note my new email address. About 6 miles and ~500' of elevation gain. Not a difficult hike. 30% shade. No doggies. Only heavy rain cancels. Call me.".

Helene says of the upcoming Mitchell Canyon, Deer Flat, Back Creek Loop hike: "Join us for a beautiful hike around the Mitchell Canyon, Deer Flat, and Back Creek Trails. This is one of the best times of year at the Mountain. But just in case it's unseasonably warm, there will be plenty of shade. Make your own carpool arrangements with other members of the group, or friends.".

Diane says of the upcoming Briones Reservoir Overlook hike hike: "Weekend Forecast: Rain! Let's be adventurous and hike rain or shine. Bring your hiking poles and rain gear - and don't be afraid to get a little muddy :-)".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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