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Date Sent:      August 03, 2007
From:               John Bondon
My apologies for not getting an email out in time last week. I was tied up without internet access all week and by the time I finally made it back in front of a computer, the server was down for planned maintenance. :( Yes I knew the server would be down, but never had a chance to formally announce it via email. I know some of you noticed by "News Alert" on the website, but I expect most did not notice such a message. So, yes, there was a hike last weekend, but no email went out about it. Andrew led a hike last Sunday and despite the lack of notice, handful of folks were still able to find and join him. :) Thanks for persevering, Andrew!

Andrew will be leading another hike this weekend as well. This time to Pleasanton Ridge: "Any doggie that is lucky enough to make this hike, will love jumping into the seasonal ponds we will be passing.".


A couple of weeks ago, Helene lead the Mt. Olympia Summit/Bruce Lee Spring Trail Loop hike, which she also lead for the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association.". One of the participants on that hike snapped some picture and shot some video and assembled the entire package into a short video clip. She would like permission to post it on her website, and possibly the EBCHG website, provided no one objects. If you participated in that hike but DO NOT wish to have your image as part of this clip, please contact Evelyn Miller directly to share your thoughts and concerns at [email protected]

As always, you'll find more details about each of our upcoming hikes posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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