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Date Sent:      June 22, 2007
Subject:           Borges Ranch and Briones Reservoir
From:               John Bondon
Many thanks to Andrew and Howard for consistently coming thru and offering to lead hikes for us. A report from last weekend's hike: " We had 20 hikers in spite of me. I didn't identify the 680 exit on the directions. I took a lot of good natured jabs over that. The day started out cold but soon became very pleasant. After leaving the Tao House grounds, we really got separated. The early finishers left the staging area, so we never did go the Yogurt Place. " But fear not all you ice ream fans ... Andrew says of the upcoming Livorna Rd trailhead to Borges Ranch hike on Saturday: "We would still like to go to the Yogurt Place in Danville after the hike.". This will be a shorter alternative as well to Diane's Sunday hike. :)

If you're looking to really get that heart pumping and give those legs a good workout, check out Diane's much more strenous hike on Sunday at the Briones Reservoir Overlook: "Half Marathon Hike around Briones Reservoir".

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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