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Date Sent:      May 17, 2007
Subject:           Mount Diablo
From:               John Bondon
Back by popular demand -- Mount Diablo! There appears to be a Mount Diablo theme running here lately, which I don't mind a bit... it's one of my favorite hiking spots. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to attend either hike this weekend, so I'm the one who loses out. Hopefully I can make it next time!

First of all, thanks to Sharon and Paul for leading hikes last weekend! Andrew attended Paul's hike and filed this report from the field: " Paul led a great hike yesterday. We had ~15 hikers, and hiked between 6 and 7 miles. We split into 2 groups near Borges Ranch because several hikers needed a potty break. Howard led the rest of the hikers back to Livorna. Paul waited for us, and then led us back to Livorna."

Sharon reports of her hike, "Another wonderful day and a great hike. I had nearly 30 people! Not much water in the falls, but some...enough for people to imagine what it would be like with a little more rain, or a little earlier in the season. We saw some wonderful wildflower displays. The mariposa lilies stole the show! "

A Preview of some of our upcoming hikes happening this weekend, by the hike leaders themselves:

Paul says of the upcoming Mitchell canyon to deer flat hike (Mountainare Pkwy) hike: "This hike should last about 5 hours. Most of the hike is fairly easy except the last 40 minutes.".

Andrew says of the upcoming Green Valley to Rock City hike: "If you have never done a Diablo Summit hike, but would like to, this hike or Paul's hike on saturday is an excellent prep. If there is interest for a Summit hike, Howard and I will lead it in June. ".

You'll find more details about each of these upcoming hikes posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Hiking! :)

Happy Trails,


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