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Date Sent:      July 21, 2006
Subject:           Evolution and Change
From:               John Bondon
Change is good, or so we are often told, yet change is usually met with much resistance. But in the case of the East Bay Casual Hiking Group, change is definately looking good! After almost 2 years of promises, and a year and a half of being on hold, the new website design is FINALLY completed and online! If you haven't visited the East Bay Casual Hiking website recently, check it out!

We are also evolving into a more active and social club. The intent was always that the members would take an active role in the planning and leading of hikes, and that is definately happening. Our food outings after hiking are becoming a ritual, almost as important as the hike itself!

And we have begun to venture more outside the East Bay to explore trails and hiking destinations outside our "home" area, including our first overnight camping and hiking trip as a group (to hike Yosemite's Half Dome in September) -- acitivities which I hope we start to do more of in the years to come!

Eventually the website will evolve as well catch up to the way the club itself is evolving. Now that the new design is finally complete and working, I can now begin to focus on building new features and functionality into the website. :)

What first started as just a simple site to keep track of upcoming hikes and RSVP responses, is now slowly evolving into much more, and to me, that's exciting! We have a great group of hiking enthusiasts within our ranks, and I look forward to the changes in store down the road. So you see, sometimes change really IS good! :)

Alright on to what you really what to know -- where are we hiking this weekend?? Las Trampas is the place to be this Sunday morning at 9AM for a hike up to the communication tower, assuming we have enough permit carrying members on hand. A permit is required for hiking on a portion of this route, assuming we proceed along the planned route. For more information about how to obtain a permit, phone 510-287-0459. Most of the trail does not require a permit, however.

Also don't forget the forecast for this weekend is calling for it to be HOT HOT HOT! Andrew warns: "Hikers should bring plenty of fluids. Only water in the park is at the trailhead. "

After the hike, let's meet up for some much deserved refueling at Erik's DeliCafe in San Ramon .

For complete details about our upcoming hikes, visit the East Bay Casual Hiking website. In case of rain, check with the hiking leader to make sure the hike is still on.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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