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Date Sent:      June 08, 2004
Subject:           Los Trampas on Sunday
From:               John Bondon
Greetings All!

Thanks to Brian for leading another great hike this past Sunday! There was some confusion about parking, but we finally figured it out and got underway. And what a great turnout -- 19 people! The view from Rock City was amazing, and surprisingly, the day turned out not to be so hot afterall. There was a nice steady breeze (especially from atop Rock City!), and a good portion of the trail was shaded.

This Sunday we'll be hiking Los Trampas in the San Ramon area. I have moved up the start time 30 mintes to 9:30AM, since it is expected to be a much warmer day. So bring lots of water and appropriate sun protection. I expect it will probably be quick breezy at the top, so though it may sound counter-intuitive, I'd recommend bringing a wind breaker, long sleeved shirt, or sweater along too -- just in case!

Dogs ARE permitted on this trail, so feel free to bring your favorite pooch along too. (Bring a plastic bag to pick up any droppings. By the way, can someone please enlighten me as to why dog owners are expected to pick up after their dog, but equestrians are not??? I mean, would YOU want to step in that?? ... but I digress ...)

We'll meet just outside the main gate off Bollinger Canyon Road. As you drive past Little Hills Picnic Ranch, look for us in the dirt parking area on the left side of the road. We will start our hike from that location, not the paved main parking lot that's about a half mile or so further down the road, if you mistakenly continue thru the gate.

My cell phone does not work from the parking area, and service will be spotty at best along this trail, so if you get lost or are running late, I won't be much help. If you need to reach me, leave a message and I'll return your call when I can.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Happy Trails,


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