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Date Sent:      June 01, 2006
Subject:           Location & Time Change - Remington
From:               John Bondon
Hello All,

Thanks to Brian for leading a fun hike in Sonoma this past weekend. The trail and ridge offered fantastic views of the surrounding Sonoma Valley (and beyond!), and we also got to spend some time learning about the life of Jack London himself.

Also special thanks to Andrew and Howard for leading the Mount Diablo hike last Sunday. I understand it was a bit longer than expected -- totalling approximately 9.5 miles -- GREAT JOB to everyone who made it all the way! Unfortunately I was out of town that day so I missed it. :(

LOCATION and TIME CHANGE!!!! There has been a rescheduling of this weekend's Pleasanton Ridge hike. It has been postponed until 6/11/2006 (next Sunday). So instead, we will hike at Remington this Sunday. Also note the slightly earlier starting time of 9:30AM. This is one of my favorite spots, a trail I discovered only because of the hiking class that was the reason I started this group. I often refer to this spot as a great "cardio" workout, because if you've never done it, the steepness of the first 30-45 minutes of this trail will seem very daunting. But don't be intimidated! Once you reach the top of the ridge, the rest is a piece of cake! :)

You'll find more details about these upcoming hikes posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. Hope to see you out there this Sunday!

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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