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Date Sent:      April 17, 2006
Subject:           WaterFall Hike this Sunday
From:               John Bondon
Hope you all got your taxes done and mailed in time. And you have a big, fat REFUND headed your way! ;)

Yesterday's hikes got cancelled due to the wet weather, and none of the weather forecasters seem to want to commit yet for what's in store for this Sunday, but as it stands now, there does remain a slight chance of rain for Saturday and Sunday. I kinda doubt it's gonna rain, but as weather patterns change so suddenly around here, it's really too soon to call. I fully expect that we will be hiking this Sunday, but as always, phone my cell phone the morning of for any last minute changes.

This Sunday's WaterFall Hike is one of my personal favorites that I've been doing since childhood. I do caution that you wear hiking shoes/boots and not tennis shoes or regular running shoes. Portions of this trail might be slippery and you may need something with good traction. Also be prepared for mud. Even with several days of no rain, the lower portion of our hike (the first part to actually climb up to the WaterFall Trail) will most likely be the muddiest, as water will still be trickling down from up above. So don't wear anything you don't wish to get muddy!

I should also caution that there are a couple of spots that are a bit narrow and we will be walking near a ledge, which has been known to freak some people out, so if you have a fear of heights, I don't recommend this hike to you. I will be hanging back at those spots, however, for anyone who wishes a helping hand.

Remember also, that with all the recent rain, I expect some portions of the trails will be quite overgrown. This is the start of tick season, so I encourage everyone to wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, and long socks. White colors are best. Avoid black or dark clothing and shorts, even if it turns out to be a warm day. Tucking pant legs into socks or boots and tucking shirts into pants help keep ticks on the outside of clothing. Also remember to check yourself out (or ask your significant other to look you over) thoroughly once you return back from the hike. To learn more about how to properly deal with ticks and the associated risks of, visit my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page at .

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike, including meeting location and directions, posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Last but not least, if anyone else is interested in leading some hikes, please don't be shy! Please email me with all the details and I will post the information on the website. :)

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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