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Hike Details for Moraga to Las Trampas

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Rancho Laguna Park
Moraga to Las Trampas

City: Moraga
Region: EastBay
Park: Rancho Laguna Park

Sunday, January 22, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Event Notes:

It is 6 miles to Camino Pablo from hwy 24 and 2 miles on Camino Pablo to Rancho Laguna. Now that a lot of us know where Rancho Laguna is, this should go smoothly. Total of 8 miles and guessing at 1,200 ft of elevation. Remember I blew it on 1/8. Lots of ups and downs. This is isolated terrain. Lots of wildlife here. I have done this hike before. I will not climb Las Trampas Ridge to the comm. tower. If you want to, go for it. That will make it 10 miles total for you folks. Please stay in sight of other hikers. You do not want to get lost in this huge park. Services at Rancho Laguna. Coffee afterwards?

Contact: Andrew Kincaid
Cell Phone: (925)

Trail Notes:

This is an exploratory hike. I have seen this trail from King Canyon and also Las Trampas. Not difficult, relatively flat. 8 miles. I do not know what services are at the staging area. Come prepared and bring your EBMUD hiking permit. This is an out and back hike. All sun and no dogs. Bring snacks.

Trailhead Directions:

These are the same directions as the King Canyon hike, but we turn left onto Camino Pablo from Moraga road, 1/2 mile before that staging area. If you wind up there, go back 1/2 mile, turn right at Camino Pablo and take it to the end of the road. The staging area is Rancho Laguna Park. From highway 24W, exit to your right at the Central Lafayette exit onto first street. A very short distance to Mt Diablo Blvd. Right a very short distance to Moraga Rd. Left 5+ miles to Camino Pablo on your left (light). Left one mile to Rancho Laguna Park. From 24E, exit at Pleasant Hill Blvd to your right. A short distance to Mt Diablo Blvd. Left one mile to Moraga Rd. Left about 5 miles to Camino Pablo.

Parking Fee: none
Other Fees: none

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Thursday, July 24, 2008.

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