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Hike Details for Decadent Hike - Donut Time to Cold Stone Creamery

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Decadent Hike - Donut Time to Cold Stone Creamery

City: Concord
Region: EastBay

Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 11:00 AM

Event Notes:

We will start at Donut Time in Concord, highest rated in the area according to Yelp. From there our destination is ColdStone in Pleasant Hill. We will follow the Iron Horse and Contra Costa Canal Trails mostly, however, do expect to walk along some busy streets to get to/from the trails too. Total distance will be approximately 9 miles round trip or 2 -4 hours timewise, depending on our pace and how long we stop.


Contact: John Bondon
Cell Phone: (925) 457-7717
Work Phone: (925) 272-4321

Trail Notes:

This will be a in and back hike approximately 9 - 10 miles round trip. We will be walking on sidewalks and multi-use trails, so elevation gain will be minimal. We'll start at Donut Time in Concord and from there walk up Monument Blvd past Mohr Lane turning left onto to the Iron Horse Trail (heading south).

We will follow Iron Horse Trail south past Treat Blvd, then turn right onto Contra Costa Canal Trail heading north west. After crossing underneath North Main Street (tunnel) we will eventually cross back over Treat Blvd (now called Geary Rd). Shortly after crossing Geary Road (.07 miles) turn RIGHT onto an unmarked trail I call the Utility Trail (paved). Cross Oak Park Blvd and follow to the end at W Hookston Rd. At end of trail turn right and walk to Contra Costa Blvd. Turn left and follow Contra Costa Blvd to Boyd. Left at Boyd. Then right at Crescent Drive. Walk past movie theater and continue until destination at Cold Stone Creamery, 60 Crescent Drive.

Note that most of this hike is on paved multi-use trails. A portion, however, is along busy roads. Monument Blvd and Contra Costa Blvd has posted speed limits that exceed 35 MPH. We will be using sidewalks for these sections. Nonetheless, please exercise extreme caution when walking along or crossing any busy road.

Trailhead Directions:
Click Here for a Map

From Hwy 680 Northbound, exit at Monument Blvd, turn RIGHT at the light at the end of the offramp. Or from Hwy 680 Southbound exit at Monument Blvd, turn LEFT at the light at the end of the offramp.

Follow Monument to Reganti Drive. Turn RIGHT at Reganti Drive Then immediate LEFT into shopping center and followed by an immediate LEFT to find parking.

Donut Time is located in the north west corner of the shopping center along the Reganti Drive side facing Monument Blvd. It is next to Senor Burbujas Laundromat and La Cabana Nightclub.

Since this is a commercial parking lot, you are advised NOT to park and leave your car in the shopping center lot during the hike for risk of being towed. Instead, probably better to park in the bordering residential area either along Reganti or Peach Place at the end of Reganti Drive.

Parking Fee: none
Other Fees: optional food purchase

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Thursday, January 28, 2010.

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