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Hike Details for Remington Hike

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Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
Remington Hike
RSVPs - 16 -- YES: 5 NO: 7 MAYBE: 4

City: Danville
Region: EastBay
Park: Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Saturday, December 24, 2016 @ 9:30 AM

Event Notes:

We are hiking on SATURDAY, Christmas Eve, so all can enjoy Christmas day with family and friends. Hikers choice of either a 6 mile 1,600-foot elevation gain out and back or 7.2 mile 2,000-foot elevation gain partial loop hike in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. Both versions begin at Remington Loop trailhead in Danville. Route starts up Remington Loop Trail for 0.7 mile, turns northeast on No Name Trail, left on Highland Drive Road, San Damiano's Windmill Walk Trail, Las Trampas Ridge Trail, and Del Amigo Trail to the 680 overlook stopping to rest/snack/enjoy the view. Short hike returns from here back on the Del Amigo Trail, Las Trampas Ridge Trail and down the Remington Loop Trail. Long hike will make a loop continuing down the Del Amigo Trail, Sulpher Springs Trail, Las Trampas Ridge Trail and down the Remington Loop Trail. No services on this hike. IGNORE THE TRAIL NOTES BELOW.

Contact: Dan   
Cell Phone: (925) 323-7384

Trail Notes:

This is a tough hike, with fairly steep uphill grades. It will take about 35 - 60 minutes to reach the ridge (depending on personal speed), then turns into fairly easy rolling up and down grades.

The first part of this hike is the most difficult. For beginner or novice types, it will seem like the steepest dirt trail you've ever experienced, and you might find you only want to go to the first "ridge". That part may well take you 45 minutes to an hour to complete. No matter how difficult, I encourage you to take your time and venture onward until you reach the top. This is a great trail for cardio workouts, whether your goal is to lose weight, or simply get in shape, this is the trail for you!

For the veteran hikers, this first part may slow you down a bit, but I expect you'll reach the very top within 30 - 40 minutes. And we'll continue to the left (south) from there.

We will continue until we reach a barbed wire fence. At that point turn right and proceed along a narrow grass trail until you reach a tree. We'll take a short rest break, then turn back around and proceed back the same way we came.

Bring lots of water along! You may need it! Despite the difficult start, overall, this is a moderate 2 hour hike round trip.

Dogs are permitted on this trail!

Trailhead Directions:
Click Here for a Map

Take Hwy 680, exit Sycamore Blvd, head WEST. Cross San Ramon Valley Blvd. Past the 2nd stop sign, this turns into Remington Loop. This is a residential street. Trail head starts opposite 253 Remington Loop (between 252 and 246).

Parking Fee: no charge

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