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Add A Trail

Please fill out the form below. Trail submissions will be reviewed and require approval by the webmaster
before they are available on this site for selection by Trail Leaders. This is a necessary step to prevent
spammers and similar non-relevant marketing material from appearing on this site.

Please provide a valid email address so we may contact you if we have any questions about your submission.
You will be notified if this trail is rejected. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

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If using Google Maps to get driving directions, you can get the coordinates by 
right clicking on your location and choosing What's here? Please use Decimal degrees format; for example 37.882029 -121.914238
GPS Latitude: GPS Longitude: Directions:
Be sure to provide clear directions on how to get to your planned meeting point. Remember that our
members come from all over the Bay Area; many are not local to the Contra Costa area. We have
members join us from as far west as San Francisco, as far north as Sacramento, and as far south
as the South Bay (San Jose/Santa Cruz)! So telling someone to meet "at the end of Regency Drive"
or at "the Mitchell Canyon Staging area" isn't very clear. Never assume your readership is as
familiar with the local area as you are. You'll have much better turnouts to your hikes the easier
you make it for people to find you!

Notes: (trail distance, steepness, level of difficulty)


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