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Anthony Chabot Regional Park
Redwood Canyon Golf Course

Thursday, July 19, 2018 @ 9:30 AM

Chabot Park and Lake Hike

Your choice of a
Moderate 6.5 mile, 1000 ft or a
Moderate+ 7.8 mile, 1100 ft hikes
in EBRPD Anthony Chabot and Lake Chabot Regional Parks.

Starting from the EBRPD Redwood Canyon Golf course parking lot we'll head up Brandon Trail to a left on Towhee Trail. We follow it all the way around past the entry kiosk, past Puma Point to cross the road, then counter clockwise around the other camp grounds to a right turn on Honker Bay Trail. We then follow Honker Bay Trail along the lake to a right turn, crossing the bridge to the South side of San Leandro Creek. At this point the shorter hike turns left on Cameron Loop Trail, left on Ten Hills Trail, left on Proctor Trail, and finally a left turn on Brandon Trail back to the parking lot.

The longer hike turns right on Cameron Loop Trail, and follows it up the hill past the East Shore Trail junction. At the top of the hill we turn left again on Ten Hills Trail following it along the park boundary to a left turn on Brandon Trail back to our cars.

Please download hike map HERE.

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