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Future Local Hikes
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Redwood Regional Park
Redwood Gate/Wayside Lot

Sunday, August 19, 2018 @ 9:00 AM
CarPool Option: Meets @ 8:15 AM
Dunn the Golden Spike Hike

NOTE EARLIER START TIME!! Join us for a hike through the outskirts of Redwood at 9:00 am. Hiker's choice of a moderately challenging 4.6/1400' short hike, a challenging 7.3/1900', or a difficult 8.8/2500' hike and will allow Steve to check Redwood off his list having hiked all trails in the park.

Please either print out or download to your phone the trail route map here. We will gather at the Wayside parking lot. The hike starts down to the fish ladder, crossing and turning left onto Golden Spike. We will stay on Golden Spike for several miles. At Montiero the hikes diverge. Short hike will turn right on Montiero, right on Dunn, right on Baccharis, right on West Ridge, left on Orchard, right on Bridle back to the fish ladder.

The medium and long hikes stay on Golden Spike to the left at the Montiero junction following for a mile. Turn left on Dunn around to the Equestrian Arena, then right on Serpentine Trail past the parking area and back up to rejoin Dunn. These last two trails are Steve's last two trails to complete the park. We'll follow Dunn up staying right and seeking a suitable place for a break. Follow Dunn up past Montiero to the Baccharis junction, the long a medium hikes diverge here. The medium hike will turn right on Baccharis and follow the directions for the short hike from here.

The long hike turns left on Baccharis, right on West Ridge, left on Chown all the way down to the bottom, turning right onto Bridle Trail just before you reach Stream Trail. Follow Bridle all the way back to the fish ladder. Trails will be marked with flour arrows. Dogs allowed.

Please note: This group does not stay together on the hike instead relying on arrows put on the ground with flour to mark turns. You are encouraged to stay with others who are hiking your speed and you should also carry the trail route map (link above) either downloaded to your phone or in paper form.

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