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Past Hikes
Previous Hikes Included:
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Los Vaqueros Watershed: Kellogg Picnic Area
Sunday, January 26, 2020 @ 9:30 AM

Eagle Ridge/Mariposa Canyon Hike

Your choice of two hikes in CCWD Los Vaqueros Reservoir
a Moderate 5.3 mile, 800 ft. ele. or
a Challenging 8.7 mile, 1300 ft. ele.

Starting from the Kellogg Creek Recreation Area a loop hike to Mariposa Canyon. We head out Greasewood and Grassland Trails before ascending on Kit Fox Trail. At the intersection of Eagle Ridge Trail the two hikes diverge.

The short hike will turn left and descend along Eagle Ridge Trail before returning to the parking lot on Walnut Trail.

The longer hike will turn right on Eagle Ridge Trail, left on Vista Grande Trail, then left to descend on Mariposa Canyon Trail. At Walnut Blvd we cross the road and Kellogg Creek, turning left on Kellogg Creek Trail to return to the Parking Lot.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Chabot Staging
Thursday, January 23, 2020 @ 9:30 AM
NOTE: Choose a 6.8 mile 1,000 foot or 9.2 mile 1,450 foot elevation gain balloon hike starting from EBMUD's Chabot Staging Area. Route will be Willow View Trail, Brandon Trail, Towhee Trail, Quail Trail, Lost Ridge Trail, Hawk Ridge Road, Two Rocks Road stopping to rest/snack at Two Rocks Campground. Return continues up Two Rocks Trail, short hike turns RIGHT on Brandon Trail and left back down Willow View Trail. Long hike turns LEFT on Brandon Trail, right up Deer Canyon Trail, right on Redtail Trail, left on Brandon Trail and left back down Willow View Trail. Pit toilet at trailhead, water and pit toilet at Two Rocks Campground. Bring your EBMUD trail use permit or be a guest on one of ours.

Briones Regional Park: Lafayette Ridge Trail
Sunday, January 19, 2020 @ 9:30 AM

Russell Peak

Your choice of two hikes in EBRPD Briones Regional Park,
a Challenging- 7.1 mile, 1600 ft. ele. or
a Challenging 9.5 mile, 2200 ft. ele.

Starting from the Lafayette Ridge Staging Area an out-and-back on the Lafayette Ridge Trail to Russell Peak.

The short hike will stop to take their snack break at the table on Russell Peak before returning.

The longer hike will make a counter-clockwise loop on Russell Peak and Mariposa Trails before taking for their snack break at the Peak.

Both hikes return to the Staging Area along the Lafayette Ridge Trail.

Redwood Regional Park: Redwood Gate/Wayside Lot
Thursday, January 16, 2020 @ 9:30 AM
Redwood Gate/Wayside Lot

Starting at 9:30 am from Wayside Gate is a moderate 6-mile 1100-ft elevation gain or a longer 6.7-mile 1500-ft elevation gain loop-hike.

From the Wayside Parking Lot turn right to go to the fish ladder, right on the Bridle Trail, left up Orchard Trail, right on French Trail to the Starflower Trail.

At the Starflower Trail intersection the short hike turns right and descends on the Tres Sendas Trail to the Stream Trail.

The long hike continues on the French Trail and turns right on the Tres Sendas Trail to descend to the Stream Trail.

Then both hikes turn right on the Stream Trail to the sheltered Trails End enclosure for a snack break, weather permitting.

Continue on the Stream Trail to return to the Wayside parking lot.

Peregrination 2

With the Peregrine Falcon closure zone set for February 1, we'll take our annual trek out to the end of Castle Rock trail at 9:30 am. Come peregrinate with a hiker's choice of a moderate 5.9 mile/1000' short hike, a moderate+ 7.3/1300' medium hike, or a challenging 8.4 mile/1900' long hike. EXPECT MUD.

We will MEET AT RESTROOMS in Castle Rock Park, about a 10 minute walk from the parking areas, please plan accordingly! From the overflow parking area you can take Castle Rock trail along the road and out to a gate near the ball fields, go throught the gate, across the field and meet at restrooms. From the main (small) lot walk up the paved road to the restrooms. We'll head through Castle Rock Park onto Stage Road and continue for a couple of miles encountering several stream crossings. Turn left on Sunset Trail up the mountain to the junction. Turn left on Falcon Road, left on Castle Rock Trail to the top of the bluff. The short hike can break here before doubling back for a right on Falcon Road, veer right on Little Pine Creek, right on Burma Road, right on Stage Road and all the way back to the parking area.

The medium and long hikes continue on Castle Rock Trail along the single track 1 mile out to the boundary fence and back. Both hikes can snack on the bluff where the short hike did so. Both hikes return to Falcon Road. The medium hike turns right on Falcon Road and follows the short hike route back.

The long hike turns left on Falcon Road all the way to the creek, turn right on Little Pine Creek back up the hill, then right on Burma and join the other 2 hikes back to the parking lots.

Please note: This group does not stay together on the hike instead relying on arrows put on the ground with flour to mark turns. You are encouraged to stay with others who are hiking your speed and you should also carry the trail route map (link above) either downloaded to your phone or in paper form.

NOTE: Choose a 6 mile 900 foot or 8.25 mile 1,300 foot elevation gain loop hike in Danville's Sycamore Valley Regional Open Space Preserve. Route will be paved walkway behind the elementary school, Alta Vista Way, cross over Camino Tassajara, Woodside Road, Haymaker Trail, Harvest Trail, No Name Trail #1, back on Harvest Trail, Country Hills Ct, Wood Ranch Dr, cross back over Camino Tassajara, right on No Name Trail #2, ascend Short Ridge Trail stopping at the bench at the very top of the hill to rest/snack. Return continues on Short Ridge Trail, short hike turns left down Shady Slope Trail to its very end, out the gate and sharp left across the ball fields back to the cars. Long hike also continues on Short Ridge Trail after the break, but turns right down Sand Hill Trail, right on Tatcan Trail, climb over a gate, Laurelwood Drive, sharp left on paved walker's trail, left on Sand Hill Trail, back up to the ridge, right on Short Ridge Trail to its very end, No Name Trail #3, down Shady Slope Trail, out the gate and sharp left across the ball fields back to the cars. Water/restroom at trailhead.

Las Trampas Regional Wilderness: Main Staging Area
Sunday, January 05, 2020 @ 9:30 AM

Corduroy Hills Madrone Loop

Your choice hikes of
a Moderate+ 4.3 mile, 1200 ft.
a Challenging+ 8 mile, 2200 ft.
hike in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. We'll hike up and down both sides of Las Trampas Ridge passing Vail, Eagle, and Las Trampas Peaks on this first Sunday of the New Year.

Starting from the Bollinger Canyon Staging Area the route will be a large loop on Bollinger Creek Loop, Chamise, Las Trampas Ridge, Corduroy Hills, Madrone, Las Trampas Ridge, and Bollinger Creek Loop Trails.

The short hike stays on Las Trampas Peak Trail to the Peak, returning the same as the long hike.

Please download and print the linked map below for the precise route.

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve: Finley Road Entrance
Thursday, January 02, 2020 @ 9:30 AM
Morgan Territory: Finley Rd Entrance

Starting at 9:30 am from Finley Road is a moderate 6.6-mile 1200-ft elevation gain or a longer 8.8-mile 1600-ft elevation gain loop-hike.

There is limted parkihg so plan to carpool and park and meet in the open area on the side of the road. Then a group 3/4 mile walk to get to the trailhead and head up Old Finley Road.Turn right on Sulphur Springs Trail. At the first Black Hills Trail junction there will be a snack break. Here the short and long hikes split.

The short hike turns left on Black Hills Trail, left on Crestview Road, left on Amphitheater Trail and left on Walnut Trail, then a final left on Old Finley Road back to the cars.

The long hike continues on Sulphur Springs, then left up Black Hills Trail #2. Turn right on Crestview Road, rejoining the short hike, left on Amphitheater Trail and left on Walnut Trail, then a final left on Old Finley Road back to the cars.

No Facilities on the hike.

Sunol Regional Wilderness: Visitor Center
Wednesday, January 01, 2020 @ 9:30 AM

Special Extra Credit Hike

New Years 20/20 Mission Peak Hike

A challenging 10 mile, 2200 ft out-and-back hike from EBRPD Sunol Regional Wilderness to EBRPD Mission Peak.

We'll start by the gate, near the corral, at the western entrance to the Ohlone Wilderness. The route heads up Ohlone Wilderness, Laurel Loop, Eagle and Peak Trails to a snack on the Peak. The return route will retrace our steps back to Sunol.

For the less adventuresome, the hike to Eagle Spring Backpack Camp provides an easier option at about 9 miles, 1800 ft of elevation gain.

Please park on the right, past the sign-in panel, near the horse corral/Ohlone Wilderness trail-head.

Note: Everyone must carry a current Ohlone Wilderness Permit Map ($2 at the Kiosk, good for a year) on this hike.

From the EBRPD Sunol Web Page

Hikers who cross into the San Francisco Water Department lands that connect Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness and Del Valle Regional Park must carry the Ohlone Wilderness Trail map/permit. Each person age 12 years or older is required to have their own permit. Hikers must sign in at trailheads as they enter these lands.

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