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Past Hikes
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Joaquin Miller Park: Ranger Station
Sunday, January 20, 2019 @ 9:30 AM
Joaquin Miller Monumental March

Join us after a very soggy week in the East Bay for a loopy hike through a minimally muddy? Joaquin Miller in Oakland. Starting at 9:30 am from the big yellow gate just north of the Ranger Station, this is a hiker's choice of a moderate 6.2 mile/1350' short hike or a moderate+ 8 mile/1800' long hike.

Route is connector across the creek and right on Sunset Trail. Follow all the way to the end, then left on Sequoia-Bayview. After 1/2 mile make a hard right on Big Trees. Follow up and around to the right and back down parallel to Skyline Blvd. Turn right on Sequoia-Bayview, then left on Palos Colorados back down to the creek. Turn left on Sunset briefly, then right on Harold Ireland Trail. Continue straight onto Fern Ravine and up the creekside. Continue on Fern Ravine crossing over Seqouia-Bayview and left past Orchard. Take a single track across the creek at a split rail fence to stay on Fern Ravine. At the top you will find a picnic area, take a break!

Continue across roadway on a connector heading left onto Cinderella Trail. Take this trail all the way down to its end, then head straight onto Sunset, then right down a trail toward a set of stairs and the Sinawik Cabin remains. Stay on the left side of the creek (no bridge) on Upper Sinawik Trail. Follow all the way along creek until you reach the bridge over the creek to the right. Turn right off the bridge on Lower Sinawik back along the other side of the creek. Follow this all the way up past the first bridge and continue climbing. Stay right at a junction and loop around to the left to the Lookout. Enjoy the view. The SHORT hike will return to the junction and turn right onto Sinawik Loop. At the end, turn right back up the first connector trail we started the day on and return to the Start.

The LONG hike turns left (instead of right) on Sinawik Trail after visiting the Lookout for a short 1/2 mile out and back. Rejoin the short hike back to the start. Continue the hike by turning right and staying to the right on the roadway working your way back to the Lookout and passing the Browning and Moses Monuments and the Funeral Pyre. Pass the Lookout and continue down the roadway passing the Fire Circle and Miller Statue. Once you meet Joaquin Miller Road, turn right to visit the Abbey, then turn around and walk up passed the playground. Head left up The Cascade toward the Woodminster Theatre. Find the road again and walk passed the Dog Park and back to the start.

Please note: This group does not stay together on the hike instead relying on arrows put on the ground with flour to mark turns. You are encouraged to stay with others who are hiking your speed and you should also carry the trail route map either downloaded to your phone or in paper form.

Augustin Bernal Community Park: Longview Trail
Thursday, January 17, 2019 @ 9:30 AM
NOTE: Choose a 5 mile 1,350 foot double loop or a 6.7 mile 1,450 foot triple loop hike through Pleasanton's Augustin Bernal Community Park into EBRP's Pleasanton Ridge. Route will be Longview Drive Road, Longview Trail, Chaparral Trail, left on Valley View Trail, right on Blue Oak Knoll Trail. Short hike turns back at trail marker #21, returns on Equestrian Trail, Valley View Trail, Toyon Trail, left on Longview Trail, and back down Longview Drive Road. Long hike continues past trail marker #21 up Upper Ridgeline Trail, left on No Name Trail #1, quick left on No Name Trail #2, right on Sinbad Creek Trail, left on Ridgeline Trail, stopping at the overlook bench/picnic table to rest/snack/enjoy the view. Return continues north on Ridgeline Trail, sharp left onto fire road, straight onto Ridgeline Trail, at Y left on Lower Ridgeline Trail to trail marker #21, then return as described above for the short hike. No facilities on this hike.

Redwood Regional Park: Redwood Gate/Wayside Lot
Sunday, January 13, 2019 @ 9:30 AM

EBRPD Redwood Regional Park Hike

Your choice of two hikes in EBRPD Redwood Regional Park.
A Moderate 6.7 mile, 1200 ft. ele. or
a Moderate+ 7.4 mile, 1600 ft. ele.

Starting from the Wayside Parking Lot, a clockwise loop on Stream, Golden Spike, West Ridge, Orchard, and French Trails. At the Starflower Trail intersection the short hike descends to Tres Sendes to snack near the intersection with Stream Trail.

Meanwhile the longer hike continues on French Trail to descend Tres Sendas to the above snack spot..

After our snack we return along the Stream and Bridle Trails to the parking lot.

Shell Ridge Open Space: Bob Pond Entrance
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 9:30 AM
Bob Pond Entrance

Starting at 9:30 am from Shell Ridge Bob Pond entrance is a moderate 7-mile 1400-ft elevation gain hike.

Route is through the gate to a right turn onto the Hanna Lane Trail, left on the Flat Top Trail, left to continue on the Flat Top Trail, then a right turn onto the Sulfur Creek Trail. At the end of Sulfur Creek Trail turn left on pavement and through the gate to the Costanoan Trail. Continue left uphill on the Costanoan Trail, right turn onto the Upper Buck Loop Trail. Continue left on the Upper Buck Loop Trail, right onto the Deer Lake Trail. Then a short rest/snack break at Deer Lake dam.

Continue past Deer Lake for a right turn onto the Corral Spring Trail. At the paved road turn left uphill onto the Ridge Top Trail. Continue on the Ridge Top Trail passing Ginder Gap, then a left turn onto the Briones to Mt. Diablo Trail. At the top of the hill near the sign board make a left turn onto the Borges Ranch Trail to return to Bob Pond.

Water and restrooms at Bob Pond. Dogs OK on the trails.

Roberts Regional Recreation Area: Redwood Bowl
Sunday, January 06, 2019 @ 9:30 AM
4 Park Hopper Hike

Join us for a 4 Park Hopper through Redwood, Huckleberry, Sibley, and Joaquin Miller in Oakland. It should be dry, though previous day's rain may have produced some mud. Starting at 9:30 am from the Redwood Bowl Parking Area, this is a hiker's choice of a moderate 7.5 mile/1100'short hike, a moderate+ 8.5 mile/1600' medium hike, or a challenging 10.5 mile/2100' hike.

Route is connector towards Redwood Bowl, left on West Ridge for several miles, continue past Skyline Gate on East Ridge Trail, then left onto the Bay Area Ridge Trail (BART). Continue across Pinehurst Road and on towards Huckleberry. At a Y, stay right past the Huckleberry Path turnoff to stay on the BART. After .4 miles turn left on a connector trail up to Huckleberry Path. At the top, turn right and follow all the way down toward the staging area. The short hike will continue straight and stop here for a break. All hikes continue right down the Huckleberry Path (the short hike will turn left after returning from the staging area). Short hike turns right at the T onto the BART. Retrace your path back along the BART all the way back to East Ridge. Turn right and retrace your path all the way back to the MOON GATE. Here you may either stay left and retrace your steps back to the car, or turn right and take the optional route into Joaquin Miller. They are both the same, Joaquin Miller is prettier, but may be more difficult to navigate without arrows. Veer left along the roadway staying on the trail and curving around to the left and crossing Skyline Blvd. Stay straight on Castle Park Trail, NOT down. Continue along to stay straight onto Sequoia-Bayview until you come to Skyline Blvd., cross and return to the parking area.

The medium and long hike turn left onto the BART trail, then another left further down to continue on the BART. The medium hike will climb .8 mile until you come to the boundary of Sibley Park, take a break, make a u-turn and follow your steps back along the BART, follow the Short Route back to the start. The long hike continues into Sibley, turning left on Round Top Loop Trail. Follow signs to the Backpack Camp straight past the Water Tank road where there are restrooms and a break spot. Retrace back and continue (left) on the Round Top Loop Trail continuing to make right turns on the loop until you reach the BART again. Retrace your steps back, eventually joining the same route as the short hike and back to the cars.

Please note: This group does not stay together on the hike instead relying on arrows put on the ground with flour to mark turns. You are encouraged to stay with others who are hiking your speed and you should also carry the trail route map either downloaded to your phone or in paper form.

NOTE: A 6 mile 1,400 foot elevation gain figure 8 hike in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in the hills above Danville. Route will be Del Amigo Trail, Virgil Williams Trail, Madrone Trail, No Name Trail #1, Madrone Trail, at Ringtail Cat Trail junction go straight onto No Name Trail #2, stopping for a short rest/snack at the end of No Name Trail #2. Return goes right on Madrone Trail, left on No Name Trail #3, right back on Madrone Trail, short out and back onto the Eugene O'Neill Historic Site, left on Del Amigo Trail back to the trailhead. No facilities on this hike, water available at Eugene O'Neill Site. Street Parking only.

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