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Cell Phones & 2-way Radios
Cell phones will not work within Park or Campground area. Use of a 2-way walkie takie is advised. Prachi and I will be carrying Motorola TalkAbout FRS/GMRS type 2-way radios (model SX800R). You are not required to purchase or use such a radio, however, while at camp and hiking we will be monitoring the following channel:

      Channel/Frequency:                      1 (462.5625 MHz)
      Privacy Code (PL/CTCSS):       11 (97.4 Hz)

Please note that other 2-way radio brands and models should be compatible with the SX800R we will be carrying, however, do not trust that the channel number or privacy codes to be exactly the same. Your radio may require a slightly different configuration from ours. Always check your user manual ahead of time for the proper settings.

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