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Future Local Hikes
The Next Scheduled Hikes Will Be:
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Lime Ridge Open Space
Arbolado Park

Thursday, March 21, 2019 @ 9:30 AM
Lime Ridge Open Space

Meet at Arbolado Park at the restrooms near the tennis courts for a hike in Walnut Creeks Lime Ridge Open Space.

Starting at 9:30 am from Arbolado Park is a choice of a 6-mile or 8-mile hike.

Route will be the Ohlone Trail, left onto the Blue Oak Trail, through the Ygnacio Valley Road tunnel, right on unnamed trail by Bayberry Pond, right onto the Lime Ridge Trail through the northerly Ygnacio Valley Road tunnel.

The long hike turns left on the Buckeye Trail, continues right on the Ohlone Trail, then right on the Ridge Trail to the rest/snack stop at the top of the Lime Ridge Trail near the antennas.

The short hike continues on the Lime Ridge Trail to the rest/snack stop on top of the ridge near the antennas.

Both hikes continue on the Lime Ridge Trail, right onto the Manzanita Trail, right onto the Paraiso Trail, short right jog at bottom of hill, then left onto the Ohlone Trail to return to Arbolado Park.

Restrooms, water and plenty of parking at Arbolado Park.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park
Castleridge Trailhead

Sunday, March 24, 2019 @ 9:30 AM

Springtime Pleasanton Ridge Hike

Your choice of two hikes in EBRPD Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park,
a Challenging- 7.5 mile, 1600 ft. ele. or
a Challenging 9.0 mile, 1800 ft. ele.

Starting from the Castleridge Trailhead, route will be up Courdet, Ridgeline, and Shady Creek Trails to Marker #33. Then North Ridge Trail to Markers #34 and #35 where the two hikes split up.

The short hike will descend on Loop Trail to #36, Turtle Pond Trail to #30, and Sinbad Creek Trail, stopping to take their snack break near Marker #29 before returning.

The longer hike will continue on North Ridge Trail to Markers #37, #38 and #39, turning left on Mariposa Trail to #31. Now we follow Sinbad Creek Trail past Marker #30, before taking their snack break at Marker #29.

Both hikes return to the Staging Area via Shady Creek, Ridgeline and Courdet Trails.

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