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Briones - Alhambra Creek Staging
Sunday, August 20, 2017 @ 9:00 AM
Alhambra Creek No Name Challenge

We will be exploring some of the no name trails on the north side of Briones with a Potluck Picnic for all after the hike. Starting at 9:00 am from the Crow Picnic Area, this is a hiker's choice of a moderately challenging 7.1 mile/1600' or a challenging 9.5 mile/2300' hike. Please download and print out the route map here.

It is time once again to gather for our POTLUCK PICNIC after the hike! You don't need to bring anything to attend, but if you would like to bring items to share, there is a sign-up sheet online. Please bring a folding chair or two if you have them. Everyone is welcome, there will be plenty of please come hang with us for a little while afterwards. If you know anyone who would be willing to sit and save us a table while we hike, e-mail Steve. To sign-up for the potluck click here.

We'll head out Alhambra Creek Trail, right No Name #1, right Spengler, left Old Briones, right Briones Crest, left No Name #2, left Mott Peak, right Abrigo Valley to Wee-ta-chi for snack break. Continue on Abrigo, right Briones Crest, across Old Briones on No Name #3. Short hike turns left and past the lagoons to rejoin Spengler, right on Spengler, left on Alhambra Creek. You can choose the scenic route, No Name #5, back along the creekbed by going just past the turnoff and left on a single track.

The long hike continues right through the gate and up No Name #4, left on Table Top connector trail, left on Spengler, left near the water trough to stay on Spengler, left past Diablo View to stay on Spengler, then right on Alhambra Creek. You can choose the scenic route, No Name #5, back along the creekbed turning right just before the turnoff on a single track.

The trail will be marked with flour arrows along the route. For driving directions click here. Facilities located at trailhead and break spot. Dogs Welcome, though the long hike might be pretty difficult for Buster. Fees are rarely collected here before 9:00. See you at 9:00 am!!!

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