Pleasant Hill BART to Whole Foods (paved)

City: Pleasant Hill
Park: Iron Horse Regional Trail

Sunday, May 18, 2008 @ 10:10 AM

Event Notes:

This week marks the 10 year Anniversary of the opening of the Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing across Ygnacio Valley Road. Join us for a walk across it and hear of plans for a proposed similar crossing over Treat Blvd in the coming years.

Contact: John Bondon
Cell Phone: (925) 457-7717

Trail Notes:

We will start at Pleasant Hill BART and walk southbound along the Iron Horse Trail towards Danville/Alamo. We will make a lunch/snack break stop at Whole Foods in Walnut Creek (only 20 minutes into hike) after which point we can break into two groups: those that wish to proceed further and those that wish to turn around and head back. For those continuing on we will continue on into Danville, potentially making a ice cream/dessert/snack stop before heading back.

The Iron Horse Trail is a paved trail and relatively flat. This is a great trail for newbies and those with children. We will be crossing a number of roads aoong the way, however, most will be quiet residential streets, but there will be a few busier street crosswalk style crossings, so do be aware of that. Pets encouraged as well!

Directions to Trailhead:

From Dublin/San Ramon, take Hwy 680 Northbound towards Walnut Creek/Concord. Or from Oakland/Berkeley take Hwy 24 eastbound towards Walnut Creek/Concord, merging onto Hwy 680 Northbound at Walnut Creek.

After the exit for Ygnacio Valley Road, take exit 48 for Treat Blvd and turn right at the light. Immediately get into the left hand turn lane and make the first left turn at the signal light for Oak Road, followed by a right turn at the light onto Las Juntas Way. Del Hombre Lane will be on your right after Jones Road.

Park along Las Juntas Way (where allowed), or in the Pleasant Hill BART lot. Check BART.GOV for latest policies on weekend parking.

If arriving via public transportation at Pleasant Hill BART, exit the station and head eastbound across the parking lot. You should encounter the Iron Horse Trail. Turn right walking along the trail heading towards the stop light at Treat Blvd. Stop and meet at the picnic tables.

TrailHead Parking Fee: potential BART fee

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The trailhead information on this page was last updated Friday, May 16, 2008.