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Date Sent:      January 05, 2011
Subject:           New Year's Resolutions - Be Good or BAD (or Both)
From:               John Bondon
It's the start of a New Year and for many that means New Year's Resolutions. Usually those resolutions involve promises to lose weight, be more active, or just generally take better care of one's health.

So to that end, and especially for anyone who's been on this email list for awhile but never ventured out to a hike yet, Andrew is offering an easy 5-mile, relatively flat hike this weekend. This is a great opportunity to get out and try this thing called hiking! Or maybe try out our group and see if we are a good fit for your hiking style. You'll find more details about this hike on the website .

But, if being BAD is more your style, and you want to join me in my quest for the ultimate ANTI-New's Years Resolution hike, stay tuned for details of my upcoming Decadent Hike. And yes, there will be CHOCOLATE invovled! ;)

More on this next week ...

Happy Trails,


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